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I am new to creating .lib and .mod files, but here, for what it is worth, is a .zip file containing KiCad libraries for the Arduino Pro Mini.

I make no promises about the electrical types assigned to the pins... there may be errors there which will interfere with using eeSchema's ERC tool... sorry. But the components and modules should "work" in other respects, and be useful to you in your KiCad/Arduino life!

There are two variants in the library: "ArduProMini" and "ArduProMini-6". The latter is merely the former MINUS the SIX (hence "-6") pins/pads at the end of the Arduino Pro Mini which are used to connect to the programming cable.

I suspect for most people using the .lib and .mod, the -6 variant will be the most useful.

Forgive me for now?

That's it, for the moment. For one thing, feedback from users will inform me of what I Need To Do Better in any future libraries, so I'll wait for those reports.

Apologies for suggesting that this page offers more than the one library currently present... but editing pages is a pain, and I hope those references will become valid before too long.

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